Monday, October 19, 2009

To my perfect little lady, Sox:

It is still a mystery to me how my dad was in the right place at the right time to find your tiny little self on the street that night he was working late. I dont know if something led you to him, or it was just coincidence but I am so thankful that he found you and brought you home with him. We are not a "pet" family. Generally we have had one pet at a time, two at the most, and we never bring home strays. The fact that my dad brought you with him is just about as strange as it is amazing. Your little white feet made us name you Sox. I was in third grade and so excited to go to school the next day and tell people about my brand new kitten. Sophie got along with you marvelously, she was an old lady at the time and didnt mind your squeaky cry and squirmy body...she had had about 24 kittens in her lifetime by that point and I feel like she enjoyed having you around. Roxy loved having a playmate and you two were good friends from the start. Curiosity almost got the best of you a few times, a bee sting that made your hand swell bigger than a dobermans, a broken hip from jumping out of a tree, a near miss by a car, but that is what made me love you even more. You were such a tiny little thing your whole life, and never lost your little squeak. I dont think I ever heard you meow, just squeak. I loved your little raccoon tail and pretty green eyes. Thank you for being such a sweet, loving little girl. Thank you for purring when I scratched your belly. I forgive you for peeing on me that one time, it was my fault for picking you up while you were midway through relieving yourself! Sugar will look for you when we get home, and I will probably cry. When it gets cold I will probably forget you are gone and look for you so I can bring you inside even though you never even liked it inside anyway. I will think of you every time it rains. You are the only cat I know that doesnt give two shits about water. Im gonna miss you little girl! Im going to miss you so much. I wish I could have held you one more time, even despite your squeaks and protests. You will forever be my little tomboy. Im going to miss you forever.