Thursday, September 3, 2009


I wish i could understand how life goes from wonderful, to so insanely stressful in a matter of seconds. Being in college has got to be the most rewarding, wonderful, trying, stressful time of anyone's life! Such a collection of hormones, emotions, and bullshit is never good together but then you take a catalyst like stress and add it to the mix and suddenly everything just gets entirely stupid. I live with three girls, A, J, and S. A and J are previous roommates, and S is brand new due to our old fourth roommate (and my best friend) K falling in love and moving in with her new boy. Living with such a crowded household is not as hard as it seems when everyone gets along and speaks up when there is a problem but like a splinter that turns into an infection, one bad part in the mix really ruins the whole situation.

At our old apartment I was in the "B" room. (College apartments are leased out by room, and labled with letters. You get a key to the front door, and your personal room. A lot of times people get placed and don't pick their roommates so it ensures privacy and somewhere to keep personal belongings safe if you dont know who you are liviing with) The "B" room was the only room in the apartment that had a door in the main hallway for the room, and a seperate door for the bathroom. Basically, I could lock up my bedroom and guests could use the bathroom without being allowed in my room. The bathroom caused a lot of problems because I was constantly getting things stolen by my roommates friends (tiffany jewelry, perfume, shampoo, pain killers) and also constantly having to clean up after others (drunk people PEEING in my laundry basket, on the floor, etc..) I tried to be as laid back as I could but after a while it all got to be way to much to deal with. My roommates all agreed that I could have one of the back rooms at the new place so I would not have to deal with all of these issues all over again. This agreement was made BEFORE K decided to move out though. The new girl that took over her lease was never informed of the agreement.

Come move in, we find out once again I am placed up front. This time in the "A" room. A is probably the worst room to have if you have social roommates who like to have friends over. The bedroom window looks out onto the balcony, and the room shares walls with the living room. Crushed, I begged the new girl to trade with me. SHe was in the "D" room. "D" was such a beautiful room, sunny, full of windows, and in the very back. Every single thing that I wanted and needed but didnt have at my old apartment. The front rooms NEVER get any sun and therefore are extremely cavelike, and hard to wake up and get the day started in. They are wonderful for nice long afternoon naps but not ideal if you are trying to be productive and wake up at 8 am for class. S agreed to trade rooms with me and seriously, I dont think I can express how happy I was. Everything was working out perfectly. I had my perfect, wonderful room at my new, wonderful apartment.

As the days after move in came and went we didnt see much of S at all. I was so excited about the new apartment that I spent the next five days painting, hanging shelves, installing a wonderful rainshower shower head, unpacking and organizing. I should have known better to get so excited because seriously, I am notorious for getting cosmically shit on on the regular.

On the fifth day, the new roommate S has spent one night in her new room. We had invited her out, and we were trying to be friendly. I was walking my dog that afternoon when I ran into her on the sidewalk. I honestly dont remember much after she hit me with the "We have to talk..."

Ok seriosuly, "We have to talk" is NEVER a good start to a conversation. Nothing good ever comes from it. Ever. Basically, S decided that she needed her room back. The night before she couldnt sleep and she needed my beautiful, cozy, perfect room back. At that moment all I could do was cry. I put my dog up, and drove around the complex about 100 times before I finally went back home to cry some more. I looked around at my new little home and cried until I felt sick. I talked to my mom, my roommates, my best friends, and they all said what she was doing was unfair. Unfortunately, LEGALLY the room was hers. The last text she sent me was "Im sorry you think this is so unfair but you need to get out."

I cannot describe how hard it is to live with her now that all of this has happened. I am now in a cave-like, smaller room in the front in EVERYONES business. I hate it. Basically, S, I pretty much hate YOU. I hate you every time you dont spend the night at the apartment (which so far has been EVERY FUCKING NIGHT). WHy do you get the beautiful room if you dont want to use it?? I hate you for covering the beautiful windows with your weird draperies. I miss the sunshine and you just cover it up. I hate that you are a slut and sleep with someone new every night. Some that you know, some that you dont, you arent picky. I hate that you tried to hit on my boyfriend. I hate you for thinking that my boyfriend would even respond to your pathetic advances! I wish you knew what everyone says about you when you arent around. Men dont respect you, women hate you, your intentions are always selfish, and shady. I hate you for being upset at me for being mad. I should be mad. You are a bitch. The sooner you move out and are out of my life the better.